The Ballet Program at Dance Arts Los Alamos offers high quality classical training to students of all ages in a positive and nurturing environment. The classes are designed to develop the physical and technical strength and flexibility of the student in a safe and correct manner appropriate to each child’s individual development, while instilling and inspiring the joy of dance in all students and encouraging artistic expression.

Dance Arts Los Alamos Ballet

Progress in dance is a very individual matter and cannot be rushed. It takes many years to fully master the ballet technique and requires discipline as well as patience and enthusiasm. Therefore, a student may be assigned to the same level for more than one year, as it is essential for a dancer to have a strong technical foundation in order to excel properly later on in their advanced training. 

Pointe classes will be offered to students who are technically ready for it as assessed by their teachers. It is not recommended by dance and health professionals that students start pointe before age 11 as it could cause potential injuries. DALA honors this recommendation and feels that the safety and wellbeing of DALA’s young dancers is of utmost importance.

Performance opportunities are available to all students at DALA and will further enhance their training by building confidence and stage presence.

Note: DALA Instructors will place students in levels according to their age, technical ability, and demonstration of classroom etiquette. The suggested ages per level are guidelines only.

Dance Arts Los Alamos Ballet


Performance & studio photos by: Paulo T. Photography