Volunteers for Coppelia

Please spread the work that we are looking for volunteers to help with prop and set crafting for Coppelia!

We have a lot of great things to work on to create the setting for a new production. We're crafting a balcony, bundles of wheat, market tables, a rustic wagon, a house exterior, and furnishing the interior of Dr. Coppelius's workshop. As with past productions, there is plenty of painting, carpentry, craft work, and imagination needed, and all skill levels are welcome!

If you are interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director's Corner

Throughout the many years, and in inseparable association to the study of dance, students learn to exhibit maturity and professionalism in the classroom as well as a classical etiquette and social awareness; learning to treat others and oneself with kindness and respect. The social skills developed in dance class will become a personal asset that each dancer will own and its value will manifest itself.

Imagine six students waiting outside the admissions office at a university, all with perfect transcripts, all with ample experience, yet only one will receive the scholarship. How will admissions or the Department Chair determine who gets the award if there are no distinguishing factors on paper?

Classes We Offer.For all ages and abilities

  • Adult Belly Dance

    All muscles and bones are exercised with the Belly Dancing, particularly each bone or muscle can be conditioned separately. The
  • Healthy Living

    Pilates strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and improves balance. Pilates mat classes begin by warming up the large muscle groups and
  • Ballet

    The Ballet Program at Dance Arts Los Alamos offers high quality classical training to students of all ages in a
  • Modern

    Classes include improvisation, floor work, across the floor combinations, and continues with choreography training. It is an energetic and creative experience.
  • Tap

    Beginning tap is a class for dancers ages 5 and up who have never studied tap before.
  • Jazz

    This class is intended for dancers whom wish to broaden their knowledge in dance.
  • Hip Hop

    Hip Hop class starts with a warm-up focused on feeling rhythm in the music and learning to move/groove with the beat.
  • Musical Theatre

    Theatre Dance is a true dance class with a warm-up in center, followed by across the floor and a dance combination.
  • Acting

    Boys Ballet works with dancers on stretching properly, strengthening exercises for the core, and overall injury therapy and prevention.
  • Early Childhood

    This class explores the joy of movement while improving balance, coordination, and motor skills.