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White Rock Studios we will have two levels:

Level A: Equivalent to Ballet 4 & 5 (Ages 9-15)
*Due to space we can only accept 20 dancers per week in Level A
Cost: $150 per week

Leve B: Equivalent to Ballet 2 & 3 (Ages 12-18)
*Due to space we can only accept 20 dancers per week in Level B
Cost: $150 per week

TOTH Studio we will have our Early Childhood Program:

Beginning Ballet & POP Dance is Equivalent to Ballet 6 (Ages 5-8)
*For focused attention only 15 dancers will be accepted per week
Cost: $75 per week

Creative Movement is for our dancers currently in Creative Movement (Ages 3-5)
*For focused attention only 10 dancers will be accepted per week
Cost: $50 per week

Classes We Offer.For all ages and abilities

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  • Adult Belly Dance

    All muscles and bones are exercised with the Belly Dancing, particularly each bone or muscle can be conditioned separately. The
  • Advanced Pilates

    Pilates strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and improves balance. Pilates mat classes begin by warming up the large muscle groups and
  • Ballet

    The Ballet Program at Dance Arts Los Alamos offers high quality classical training to students of all ages in a
  • Modern

    Classes include improvisation, floor work, across the floor combinations, and continues with choreography training. It is an energetic and creative experience.
  • Tap

    Beginning tap is a class for dancers ages 5 and up who have never studied tap before.
  • Jazz

    This class is intended for dancers whom wish to broaden their knowledge in dance.
  • Hip Hop

    Hip Hop class starts with a warm-up focused on feeling rhythm in the music and learning to move/groove with the beat.
  • Musical Theatre

    Theatre Dance is a true dance class with a warm-up in center, followed by across the floor and a dance combination.
  • Boys Ballet

    Boys Ballet works with dancers on stretching properly, strengthening exercises for the core, and overall injury therapy and prevention.
  • Early Childhood

    This class explores the joy of movement while improving balance, coordination, and motor skills.

Performance & studio photos by: Paulo T. Photography